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AKPC WEB Hero3 20,000+ Patients Our specially trained physicians have combined advanced digital imaging and FDA-approved viscosupplementation to successfully treat thousands of osteoarthritis of the knee sufferers.

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AKPC WEB Hero1 More Mobility. More Independence. You don’t have to be imprisoned by your pain. Your knee pain may qualify for our non-opioid, non-surgical pain relief treatment protocol. Get Back To Your Life With Less Pain Schedule an Appointment AKPC  WEB Hero2 No Surgery. No Opioids. No Downtime. You don’t have to live with the debilitating pain of osteoarthritis. If you qualify for our outpatient program, you may delay or even avoid costly, risky surgery. Breakthrough Knee Pain Relief Therapy Schedule an Appointment

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Advanced Digital Imaging Ensures Our Precision Approach

The growing network of Arthritis Knee Pain Centers around the country treat thousands of patients every year. We inject an FDA-approved viscosupplement gel directly into the knee joint, replacing the depleted cartilage and providing a much-needed “cushioning and shock absorption.” By using advanced digital imaging to precisely guide our injections, we remove the guesswork that many of today’s practitioners rely on for your care. Our therapy is a scientifically proven alternative to painful, expensive surgery for many. If you qualify, our therapy may alleviate your knee pain.

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Our Medical Practice Locations

The Arthritis Knee Pain Centers® medical group continues to grow with practices opening all over the country. Click on the highlighted states to view the practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the therapy safe?

Viscosupplementation was approved by the FDA in 1996, and our physicians are committed to the highest safety standards in its administration. We also leverage advanced digital imaging to ensure placement accuracy and efficacy. Patient comfort and safety are our highest priority.

Will it work? How long will it take to work?

More than 90% of our patients experience significant pain relief from our treatment. Many patients’ pain levels are reduced shortly after an injection.

Will my insurance cover this therapy?

The initial screening is 100% free and there is no obligation to move forward. If you choose to move forward, our in-house insurance team can help. Our therapy is covered by Medicare, Tricare for Life, and more than 1,200 private insurances around the country.

How long in between injections?

It depends. The program consists of a series of injections. Each series is comprised of 3-5 injections and they are administered every 6 months. We follow up with patients 4-6 weeks after a series is completed. If the patient is experiencing any residual pain, we are able to administer adjunctive medication to help relieve that pain until the next series is scheduled.

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Specially Trained Physicians

All AKPC doctors focus their clinical efforts on osteoarthritis. They are uniquely trained to administer viscosupplementation quickly and efficiently with the highest care and compassion for the patient.

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Advanced Technology

AKPC utilizes fluoroscopic equipment to ensure our clinicians diagnose accurately. This cutting-edge digital imaging confirms the precision placement of the viscosupplement directly into the joint.

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Comprehensive Program

The AKPC pain relief program is built around advanced viscosupplementation protocols and also provides supplemental care and counsel as dictated by each patient’s unique needs and circumstances.

Patient Testimonials


    I have had the (5) knee injections over three, six-month periods of time. I was skeptical when I first began treatments (commercials always promise their audiences much) but the results were simply amazing for me!!! My knees feel like time has rolled back 20 years, as I can exercise (walk) and snowboard with no pain to my knees!!!

    My first consultation (and subsequent consultations) have been with Andrea, a very knowledgeable, professional and personable PA, who takes the client experience at their office to a highly credible level!!! The doctor and office support team are all friendly and easy to work with.

    Robert L.
  • I absolutely love the staff here. The women at the front desk are always nice, makes you feel welcome, comfortable and explain everything to you.

    The nurses and doctor are amazing. We laugh and joke around, which eases my anxiety. I’m terrified of needles.

    Going there is a pleasant experience and as far as the procedure, I have no complaints in that area. I like that when I leave there, my pain level goes from a 9 to 0.

    I would definitely recommend checking them out.

    Tammy J
  • I’ve done all different types of treatments on my knee,all different types of shots,all different types of therapy,since 2005, I started my visits here at the end of 2020,I felt relief after the first injection,I have finished all my injections and have felt the best I have been 15 years,very satisfied with the treatments,and the staff went well beyond my expectations,I would recommend this place to anyone,before I came here I was ready to do a knee replacement

    Paul D
  • My mom has had excruciating pain in her right knee for years. She saw an advertisement for this company, and wanted to give it a try. We easily booked an appointment for the following week. As soon as we walked through the door, we felt welcomed. The staff were very professional and friendly. The doctors walked us through every step of the process to get my mom back on track. We did not have to wait long either! My mom is already ready for her next appointment.

    If you are thinking of visiting this location, I highly recommend! You won’t be disappointed!

    Alicia B.
  • I could barely walk when I arrived four weeks ago. Now I am considering long morning walks! The people are ultra friendly while being professional. They have the schedule figured out so you don’t have to wait forever for your turn. I’ve now had four injections in both knees and I am so thankful that I am close to being pain-free. I cannot recommend this place enough and I tell everybody about it.

    photo 1551861568 c0afa6653bc1 scaled
    Deborah D.
  • I can’t say enough about the professionalism and treatment received. It has been an enormous help to my overall knee pain and my ability to get around. I want to commend all who work at the center. They give you the utmost care and consideration. They truly understand how pain if untreated can affect your life. Don’t fall victim to pain, it can be treated!

    photo 1484684096794 03e03b5e713e
    Michael S.