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Healthy Resolutions for the New Year

While setting goals can take place any time of year, there’s something encouraging about starting a new year with new goals and a refreshed sense of motivation. If you’re still thinking up resolutions for this year, why not make your health and wellness a priority? Here are five healthy resolutions for the new year.

Get more exercise

This one may seem a bit cliché, but it’s certainly beneficial; getting exercise on a regular basis can improve your physical as well as mental health. If you’re worried about knee pain making exercise difficult, try modified versions of popular moves or stick with exercises that are meant to be gentle on the knees. For example, walking, swimming and bike riding are all low-impact exercises that feature fluid movements and shouldn’t put too much pressure on your knees. If you find these exercises to be too easy, you can always make them more challenging, such as walking at an incline or pedaling your bike faster.

Eat healthier

The food you eat greatly impacts your physical health as well as how you feel. While general advice like not consuming more calories than you burn in a day and eating balanced meals are helpful, there are also certain foods you can eat that may help ease joint pain from arthritis. Fish like tuna, salmon and sardines, for example, include omega-3 fatty acids, which may help reduce joint stiffness. Nuts and seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids, along with protein that can help keep you feeling full. Garlic and berries have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may benefit people who experience pain from arthritis.

Make mental health a priority

Just as your physical health is important, your mental health is an important part of your overall health and wellness, too. If you suffer from chronic pain, such as pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee, not being able to easily spend time with friends and family or finding it difficult to do everyday tasks can negatively impact your mental health. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help ease feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Talking to your doctor can be helpful in determining if certain medications or therapies will improve your mental health. You can also try calming activities like journaling, meditating, reading, and even some light stretching.

Keep your living space clean

Having a clean and tidy home not only looks nice, it’s been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Small tasks like putting items away when you’re done with them or doing quick cleanups on a regular basis can help keep your house from becoming a huge mess. Keeping a tidy house also helps ensure there aren’t objects lying around that you could trip over and possibly injure yourself.

Address your chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain and have been putting off finding a remedy, why not make 2021 the year you feel better? If you’re tired of your knee pain, schedule a free of charge, no obligation appointment with Arthritis Knee Pain Centers®. If you know you’re dealing with osteoarthritis of the knee and you want to avoid surgery and you’ve tried other solutions, see if our advanced viscosupplementation therapy is right for you.

Arthritis Knee Pain Centers® offers a digitally guided viscosupplementation therapy. It’s a non-surgical, outpatient procedure that involves placing a viscogel into your knee joint, replacing the cartilage that has broken down. The viscogel cushions the bones in your knee joint and reduces pain.

You have a lot of options when it comes to having a healthy new year. To learn more about our therapy and schedule your free knee pain screening, click here or call 1-833-300-5633.

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