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Arthritis Knee Brace

The Best Arthritis Knee Brace

An Unloader Knee Brace That Works Wonders

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Supportive Knee Braces

An unloader, or offloader, knee brace does exactly what its name suggests—it shifts stress from the affected side of the joint to the healthier side of the joint.

Using this type of knee brace, in addition to our precision viscosupplementation therapy, stabilizes the knee joint, extends comfort, and improves mobility. Our knee brace is a specially designed brace made of molded plastic, foam, and steel struts to stabilize the knee joint, limiting side movement of the joint. It fits all the way around the leg at the level of your knee joint, supporting flexibility for movement.

The AKPC-certified bracing specialists measure all patients and ensure a custom, precision fit based on the patient’s unique gait and everyday activities.

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5 Reasons to Use Our Knee Braces as Part of Your Knee Pain Treatments!

Our State-of-the-Art Offloader Braces:

  1. Stabilize your knees – Allows you to feel more steady while on your feet
  2. Shifts weight from the affected part of the knee – Opens up the knee joint and shifts your body weight off the affected area of the knee. This helps provide pain relief so you can enjoy the activities of daily living.
  3. Slows the progression of the disease. With less pressure on your knee there is less wear and tear on the joint.
  4. Works in conjunction with injections. Our advanced knee braces work best in conjunction with cushioning and lubricating injections.
  5. These braces are incredibly easy to put on, and you can wear them under or over your clothing. 
Dr. John Rush fits former NFL player Henry Thomas with knee brace
Lee Trevino – World Golf Hall of Fame Member On How AKPC Knee Braces Have Helped Him On the Golf Course.
Relieve Arthritis Pain with the Ultimate Arthritis Knee Brace
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How to properly put on the knee brace

Follow these steps. 

  1. Align the center of the brace with the top of the kneecap.
  2. Align the pad of the hinge to the center of the leg.
  3. Follow the number-ordered straps beginning with strap one and ending with strap four. Straps one and two start below the knee, and straps three and four are above the knee. 

The way you put on the brace is important so that you can experience the full benefits of wearing the brace and have it properly offload the pressure on your knee joint. Here is a video demonstration of how to properly put on the knee brace

How to wear and use the knee brace for maximum relief

After you’ve been fitted for a knee brace and take it home, it can be worn at during any activity to help stabilize your knee and support the healing process. The key is to find what you’re comfortable with, because they are designed to work with your clothing, to provide extra support, anytime you need it. 

The relief that comes from wearing the brace is substantial for most patients. Anytime we take pressure off the knee joint, it should alleviate some pain and slow the progression of osteoarthritis. 

By wearing your brace regularly and especially while being active, you will likely experience decreases pain but also peace of mind and confidence while standing. 

lee trevino wears knee brace for arthritis

Do Knee Braces Help With Osteoarthritis?

Many people wonder if knee braces help to alleviate Osteoarthritis. While arthritis knee braces cannot entirely stop the progression of knee osteoarthritis (because there is no permanent cure), they do help relieve some associated discomfort.

Imagine the knee joint deteriorating gradually, resulting in the development of knee osteoarthritis. It’s as if the connection between the kneecap, tibia, and fibula was disrupted, giving rise to pain and limiting mobility. This prevalent condition, commonly referred to as knee OA, can transform even the simplest of movements into painful tasks.

This is where knee braces come to the scene as the unsung heroes of knee osteoarthritis pain management. These specialized braces act as a shield, providing stability and easing the burden on the affected joint. While they do not reverse the damage or stop knee osteoarthritis entirely, they can serve as trusted companions on the journey toward relief.

At Arthritis Knee Pain Centers, we understand the unique nature of each individual’s experience with knee osteoarthritis. Because of that, we can prescribe a suitable unloader knee brace to address your specific needs. Our dedicated team of specialists stands by, ready to guide you through this process.

If you’ve been told you have misalignment (often called valgus alignment) along with your knee osteoarthritis, come talk to us. Valgus alignment means the knee joint is angled inward, causing more strain on the affected area. Fortunately, certain knee braces are specifically designed to counteract this misalignment, providing corrective support and alleviating the burden on the joint. We may be able to help you! 

If knee osteoarthritis has disrupted your daily activities, look no further. The Arthritis Knee Pain Centers are here to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to confront this challenge head-on. Let’s take this journey together!