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Image-guided injections of viscosupplementation go a long way to relieve knee arthritis pain and stiff joints, but they are even more effective if coupled with exercises that strengthen the muscles in the knee. Strong muscles not only support the weak joint and make the knee more stable, but they also help to absorb the stress placed...
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woman exercises to lose weight.
Why is weight loss important for knee pain relief? We’re in the business of helping people with their knee pain, and as you can imagine, body weight comes up frequently in discussions as we consult with our patients. Patients often ask us, “Why am I not losing weight?” We’ll dive into various reasons why you...
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While setting goals can occur any time of year, something is encouraging about starting a new year with new goals and a refreshed sense of motivation. If you’re still thinking up resolutions for this year, why not prioritize your health and wellness? Here are five healthy resolutions for the new year. Get more exercise This...
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low impact exercise
If you’re dealing with knee pain, the idea of exercising may seem daunting. However, exercise provides many benefits, such as reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, anxiety, and more. If knee pain and stiff joints keep you from moving your body, try giving low-impact exercises a try. What are low-impact exercises? When...
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