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Genicular Artery Embolization – GAE

GAE - Effective Supplemental Treatment for Residual Knee Pain

Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE) is an effective supplemental knee pain treatment for patients suffering from secondary knee pain due to prolonged knee inflammation. 

Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee often experience inflammation. Some patients with chronic inflammation develop tiny new blood vessels around the knee that are abnormal. These new blood vessels may cause knee pain.


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Genicular Artery Embolization, or GAE, is a procedure that closes these blood vessels and also eliminates the associated painful nerve fibers. This new, and cutting-edge treatment relieves pain in a completely different way than injections.

The GAE procedure is safe, virtual painless, and effective. Most patients don’t need to be retreated. 

Fast, effective, lasting relief from residual knee pain!

Is GAE right for me?

GAE has been shown to be very effective in eliminating residual arterial knee pain. Genicular Artery Embolization is an advanced treatment option for patients with residual knee pain after receiving knee injections. Many patients experience improvement within just a few days.


Should I continue Knee Injections?

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Yes! GAE treats pain associated with inflammation around the knee in a different way than injections. Image guided hyaluronic acid injections replace the cushioning and lubricating gel that occurs naturally in your knees. This is an effective primary treatment to eliminate pain associated with osteoarthritis.



How does GAE work?

The GAE procedure is not painful. There are no incisions. You may feel a slight “pinch” when we numb the skin, but you won’t feel much else. It’s much like getting an IV in your arm or hand, except it’s done in the leg.


Our highly skilled doctors then inject medical contrast dye that shows up on a live motion X-ray. This allows the doctor to see the abnormal arteries so we can pinpoint where the treatment will do the most good.

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Tiny sterile beads are injected to block the abnormal arteries. These beads are about the width of a human hair and are permanent.


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Get back to the activities you love.

If you’re still having residual pain after knee injections, or other treatments, you may be a good candidate for GAE. For many people, GAE is an effective supplemental option in addition to other knee pain treatments.




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