Healthy Thanksgiving Alternatives For Arthritis Sufferers

thanksgiving dinner

At Arthritis Knee Pain Centers, we’re all about helping you get back to your life. For us, that means providing innovative knee pain relief therapy. We also know that this is just one aspect of your overall health and wellness – the food you eat also plays a big role in your physical health and how you feel. However, eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on holiday dinners. Here are some healthy Thanksgiving alternatives.

Roast the turkey instead of deep-frying it

A turkey is often the main dish at Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re used to deep-frying the turkey, try roasting it in the oven this year. Peanut oil is a popular choice when deep-frying a turkey, but it’s high in calories and has more saturated fat than olive oil.

When roasting a turkey, you can simply brush olive oil onto the bird, allowing you to better control the amount of oil being used while benefiting from the reduced amount of saturated fat. Seasoning the turkey with fresh herbs like rosemary and sage, as well as vegetables like onions and garlic, will ensure the turkey is flavorful and delicious.

Opt for healthier side dishes

Side dishes – even those made with vegetables – often contain more fat and calories than they need to. For example, green bean casserole sounds healthy, but the cream or soup that’s added can add fat to the dish. Instead, try a roasted vegetable dish.

Instead of making sweet potato casserole loaded with sugar, try roasted sweet potatoes with just a drizzle of honey and pinch of brown sugar. If stuffing is a must for your Thanksgiving dinner, try making it with whole wheat bread instead of white bread. You can also add fruit for extra nutrients and nuts for added protein.

Replace sugary drinks

Popular holiday beverages are an easy way to sneak unwanted calories into your diet. While drinks like apple cider, cranberry juice cocktail, and sodas are tasty, they’re also loaded with sugar. Luckily, you can swap them out for some lower-calorie – yet still delicious – beverages, such as sparkling water with lemon or lime slices, or tea flavored with cinnamon and just a touch of honey.

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Choose a lighter dessert

What Thanksgiving dinner is complete without dessert? While pies are often the dessert of choice, they can also be a source of excess sugar and fat. Instead of rich pecan pies, for example, try a lighter dessert like baked apples with cinnamon and a pinch of sugar, or baked apple chips. You’ll still get that festive holiday flavor without the extra fat and sugar.

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