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Dallas, Texas Knee Pain Center

Arthritis Knee Pain Centers in Dallas, TX.

Welcome to the Arthritis Knee Pain Centers in Dallas, Texas! Your Trusted Knee Osteoarthritis Experts.

Welcome to Arthritis Knee Pain Centers medical practice in Dallas, Texas. When it comes to knee osteoarthritis, we are a trusted source for information and treatment. If you’re looking for a reliable arthritis knee doctor in the area, you’ve come to the right place.

Our remarkable team of medical professionals is known for giving amazing care. We’ve even treated professional athletes like hall-of-fame golfer, Lee Trevino. We put an emphasis on custom treatments focused on your unique needs. We are fully aware of the impact knee pain has on your daily life and seek to provide specialized solutions to relieve discomfort and improve your mobility.

Our medical practice uses advanced, FDA-approved techniques for arthritis treatment in the Dallas area. Give yourself the gift of knee pain relief and a better quality of life through our quality care and expertise. 

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Arthritis Knee Pain Centers
8611 Hillcrest Road, Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75225

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Since my knee injections, I feel so much better, the injections have help me walk and with the pain I was experiencing.
My husband has had knee pain for years and he saw the commercial on TV. We went & everybody was so nice & helpful & the shots did wonders for him! He is very satisfied.
Ellie Mariscal
Ellie Mariscal
First of all the staff is amazing each and every time I come . Everyone was well groomed and very professional with a great attitude . The doctor that took care of me was very engaged in conversation while he was extremely gentle performing the procedure .I have to say I was in and out …really in less than 20 mins. Two thumbs up !! Thank y’all!
Professional staff, wait time is virtually nill. Treatment is professional but quick. Have parked my truck and be back at it ten minutes later, ready to go.Highly recommend this center, located in Spring Tx.
Carl Evins
Carl Evins
Great staff; friendly and knowledgeable. The techniques used have really helped my pain and mobility!
Patricia Simons
Patricia Simons
My mother had a terrific experience. She went in for a detailed evaluation. Was provided a treatment plan. After the treatment plan was completed she had no more knee pain. Each procedure was short and painless. Was a much more affordable and less evasive option than knee replacement at this time. Also insurance covered the procedures with minimum out of pocket.
Robert Headley
Robert Headley
Absolutely professionals! Love everyone who works here. They treat every patient as if they are the most important person on the planet and truly want to solve your pain issues. I am now on my 3rd gel injection and am feeling so much relief. The injections are pain free. The Dr who injects the gel is a master at what he does! You honestly form a bond with office staff.... Eleni worked with me on payments as to what insurance didn't pay... if she hadn't, there was no way I could be on the road to being pain free FINALLY! I LITERALLY LOOK FORWARD TO MY NEXT VISIT. The only problem is that there are not MORE Arthritis Pain Centers in Houston. But this office is definitely 5 🌟.
Anthi Benge
Anthi Benge

Arthritis Knee Pain Centers woodlands

At Arthritis Knee Pain Centers, we provide specialized services tailored to meet your individual needs:

Viscosupplementation Gel Injections

Our primary treatment modality is viscosupplementation knee injections. For this same-day procedure, our trained doctors administer a gel-like substance into the knee joint, which lubricates it and cushions it, thus reducing discomfort and pain caused by osteoarthritis.

Genicular Artery Embolization

Genicular Artery Embolization is an advanced outpatient procedure often coupled with our viscosupplementation injections if those don’t relieve pain in their entirety. This non-surgical approach uses tiny sterile beads that are injected to block abnormal arteries, reducing inflammation and alleviating pain. Watch a video about this procedure here

Knee Braces for Arthritis

Could you benefit from more stability when you walk or do activities around the house? Imagine your daily life with the stability and comfort our heavy-duty knee braces provide. These beautifully designed braces offload joint pressure and relieve arthritis pain. They also are meant to enhance mobility and can be worn under or over clothing. Watch this video to learn more about our knee braces. 

Advanced Orthopedic Back Brace

Got back pain? You aren’t alone. You may benefit from our orthopedic back braces. These braces provide support for myriad back conditions. From improved posture to reduced strain on your spine, these braces result in more comfort and general wellness. Watch this video to learn more about our back braces. 

Leave it to our team of medical professionals to provide outstanding care and personalized treatment options, empowering you to find relief and better your quality of life. Check out Arthritis Knee Pain Centers today to see how our services can make a substantial difference in your life

Why Knee Health Matters

Your knees support you in just about every way, from your first steps as a child to activities you enjoy as an adult. Taking care of your knees is essential for your overall health and well-being. Here’s why knee health is so important:


If you want to live a mobile lifestyle, strong and healthy knees are a key piece of the puzzle. Healthy knees enable you to walk, run, and engage in the activities you love. Don’t let knee pain or discomfort limit your freedom to move.

handsome black man with beard smiling
old couple jogging

Active Lifestyle

Physical exercise is one of the top ways to stay healthy during your life, but if you’re experiencing extreme pain due to osteoarthritis, any movement can be a challenge. Let us help you get your active lifestyle back! 

Daily Independence

Hope is not lost just because you’ve experienced knee pain. You can have your independence back! We can help you get there. 

Joint Protection

Caring for your knees is an important part of living a happy life filled with the ability to move as you please. Strong knees reduce the risk of placing unwanted stress on other regions of your body, including your hips and ankles. By keeping your joints happy, you’ll endure less pain and more mobility. 

Proactive Measures

By taking your knee health seriously now, you can proactively prevent unwanted knee problems in the future. Just think of all the places your knees will take you

old people playing cards

Lifelong Adventures

Whether you’re out and about exploring the world or in your living room with loved ones,  healthy knees will allow you to live a more fulfilling, pain-free lifestyle.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Knee health leads to improved comfort, mood, and improved quality of life. Life is meant to be lived, not merely endured, and healthy knees make that possible.

Arthritis Knee Pain Centers understands the importance of good knee health. Our team of medical experts is committed to giving custom care, scientifically sound treatments, and loving support so you can live a happier, healthier, pain-free lifestyle. 


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Have concerns about your knee pain? Don’t hesitate to take the first step toward optimal knee health – visit us today, and let’s journey together toward a happier, healthier you.

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