Knee Arthritis Treatment

You're not alone with knee pain; relief is possible.

Knee Arthritis Treatment Options for Osteoarthritis

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have tried and exhausted the use of corticosteroid injections, pain relievers, over-the-counter braces, and custom footwear and have found nothing to relieve your knee pain, you are not alone! Arthritis Knee Pain Center offers an opioid-free, surgery-free knee pain relief treatment plan that’s covered by most insurances and gets you back to the activities you love.

Our specially trained physicians have successfully treated more than 50,000 osteoarthritis knee pain patients since 2018 with precision viscosupplementation, custom bracing support, and lifestyle guidance. By utilizing modern technology, our clinical teams take the guesswork out of the procedure. Many of our patients feel better shortly after therapy.

Primary Knee Pain


An injection of a gel-like substance to lubricate and cushion joints, alleviate pain, and improve joint function.

Secondary Knee Pain

Genicular Artery Embolization

A minimally-invasive medical procedure that blocks abnormal arteries around the knee joint that cause residual nerve pain.



Advanced techniques like fluoroscopic digital imaging ensure accurate placement of the viscosupplement within the joint.

Offloader Knee Braces

Unloader Knee Braces

Support your knee during physical activity. Stabilize the knee by redistributing the weight away from the painful side of the joint.

Tissue Damage

PRP - Regenerative Medicine

A medical treatment that uses your body’s own healing power to relieve pain and restore function in damaged joints.


Nutraceutical Supplements

Our exclusive brand of nutraceutical supplements are specifically designed to address the unique needs of individuals battling osteoarthritis.

Back Support

Back Brace

A back brace will provide compression and support to tender areas, reducing discomfort and pain.

Voices of Hope

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