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Offloader Bracing


Supportive Offloader Bracing

Knee braces are designed to redistribute pressure within the knee, “unloading” one side of the joint to the other. An unloader knee brace does exactly what its name suggests—it shifts stress from the affected side of the joint to the healthier side of the joint.


Using an unloader knee brace, in conjunction with precision viscosupplementation therapy, stabilizes the knee joint, extends comfort, and improves mobility. The unloader knee brace is a specially designed brace made of molded plastic, foam, and steel struts to stabilize the knee joint, limiting side movement of the joint. It fits all the way around the leg at the level of your knee joint, supporting flexibility for movement.


The AKPC certified bracing specialists measure all patients and ensure a custom, precision fit based on the patient’s unique gait and everyday activities.

How Will an Offloader Brace Help Me?

  • An offloading knee brace shifts the load burden from the affected area in the knee (medial or lateral), thereby reducing pain
  • An offloading knee brace provides stability during activities and improves joint function
  • Offloading knee braces reduce joint pressure and complement viscosupplementation injections