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Arthritis Knee Pain Centers

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Arthritis Knee Pain Centers

Only about half way thru my injections but I think it is going very well! Nice place, positive feeling. I really enjoy the doctor that does the injections. He and his nurses are so sweet. He is very good and there is little pain. So far, so good!!

Darlene Abel

Phoenix, AZ Location

I have been going to Arthritis and Knee Pain Center for a few years and I am always pleased with my visits. They make it as painless as possible (I’d rate pain of the injections at low to none) and the relief I get from the injections is so worth the trip there.

Nadine Collins

Lexington, KY Location

I can't say enough good things about this experience. My knees feel so much better after my second round of treatments. It's easier to walk, and my pain level from the severe arthritis I have is very low.

Timothy D. Brooks

Dublin, OH Location

The crew here is truly wonderful. Very kind, helpful, patient, and professional. I highly recommend them. Their care is absolutely top notch!

Karina Nistal

Woodlands, TX Location

The staff is excellent! Dr. Robertson and the entire staff have a great bedside manner. They took the stress out of an anxious time for me.

Chris Roseland

Lexington, KY Location

I have been going to AKPC since 2016 and I will not be going anywhere else for my care.

Lisa Pedro

Phoenix, AZ Location

I had a series of injections in my knee when cortisone injections quit working. After my injections my knee continuously felt better and it’s now been 18 months and I haven’t needed to go back. Cortisone never lasted that long.

Isaiah Wheeler

Dublin, OH Location

Quick, easy and painless. Treatment worked great on my knee which has been pain free for over a year.

Roger Wilson

Lexington, KY Location

The desk staff and the doctor / PA were wonderful and attentive!

Patricia A Fessler

Phoenix, AZ Location

These people that work here are all the sweetest medical staff you will ever meet. I highly recommend them if you have Arthritis.

Tamra Dawkins

Lexington, KY Location
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