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Providing Non-Surgical, Non-Opioid Pain Relief Therapy for osteoarthritis sufferers.

Our friendly representatives can help you schedule a no-charge, no-obligation knee pain screening.

You Don't Have to Live in Pain!

Our breakthrough FDA-approved, non- opioid therapy may delay or even replace the need for expensive, painful surgery. Our specially-trained physicians replace the depleted fluid in your knee joint with an FDA-approved viscogel, providing much-needed "cushioning and shock absorption."

We use state-of-the-art digital imaging to guide the viscogel directly
into your knee joint where it can go to work immediately.

There's no guesswork or clumsy pinching and
poking around your sore knee.

We get the viscogel into the joint every single time.

Many patients feel better shortly after our therapy.

Decrease Your Pain

Increase Your Mobility

We Accept MEDICARE and most private insurances.

Arthritis Knee Pain Centers

300 East Main Street

Suite One

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