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Exploring Knee Gel Injection Reviews: Insights and Benefits

My knees were a mess. I got to the point where I couldn’t put my pants on. I was going to get a knee replacement. Then I discovered Arthritis Knee Pain Centers. I started getting the treatments and saw a difference right away. This has been a miracle. I would have never believed that it would work as well as it works. Arthritis Knee Pain Centers relieved my pain and changed my life! They got me back in the game again baby.

Lee TrevinoWorld Golf Hall of Fame Member

Fourteen years in the NFL really damaged my knees. I thought I might have to spend my retirement in pain. Arthritis Knee Pain Centers helped me get pain-free with no surgery. Now I’m enjoying every step I take.

Henry Thomas Jr.Former NFL Defensive Tackle
Debbie Black Testimonial: “Now I’m not having any knee pain!”
Alfred DeBose Testimonial: “I felt a lot better!”
Robert Shelton Testimonial: “I can do what I want now.”
Angela Wendler Testimonial: “I’m sleeping again!”


I have had the (5) knee injections over three, six-month periods of time. I was skeptical when I first began treatments (commercials always promise their audiences much) but the results were simply amazing for me!!! My knees feel like time has rolled back 20 years, as I can exercise (walk) and snowboard with no pain to my knees!!!

My first consultation (and subsequent consultations) have been with Andrea, a very knowledgeable, professional and personable PA, who takes the client experience at their office to a highly credible level!!! The doctor and office support team are all friendly and easy to work with.

Robert L.

I absolutely love the staff here. The women at the front desk are always nice. It makes you feel welcome, comfortable, and they explain everything to you.

The nurses and doctor are amazing. We laugh and joke around, which eases my anxiety. I’m terrified of needles.

Going there is a pleasant experience, and as far as the procedure, I have no complaints in that area. I like that when I leave there my pain level goes from 9 to 0.

I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Tammy J

I’ve done all different types of treatments on my knee, all different types of shots, all different types of therapy since 2005. I started my visits here at the end of 2020. I felt relief after the first injection,

I have finished all my injections and have felt the best I have in 15 years. I’m very satisfied with the treatments, and the staff went well beyond my expectations. I would recommend this place to anyone.  Before I came here, I was ready to do a knee replacement.

Paul D

My mom has had excruciating pain in her right knee for years. She saw an advertisement for this company and wanted to give it a try. We easily booked an appointment for the following week. As soon as we walked through the door, we felt welcomed.

The staff was very professional and friendly. The doctors walked us through every step of the process to get my mom back on track. We did not have to wait long either! My mom is already ready for her next appointment.

If you are thinking of visiting a location, I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!

Alicia B.
Garden City, NY

I could barely walk when I arrived four weeks ago. Now I am considering long morning walks! The people are ultra friendly while being professional. They have the schedule figured out so you don’t have to wait forever for your turn. I’ve now had four injections in both knees and I am so thankful that I am close to being pain-free. I cannot recommend this place enough and I tell everybody about it.

Deborah D.
Phoenix, AZ
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I can’t say enough about the professionalism and treatment received. It has been an enormous help to my overall knee pain and my ability to get around. I want to commend all who work at the center. They give you the utmost care and consideration. They truly understand how pain if untreated can affect your life. Don’t fall victim to pain, it can be treated!

Michael S.
Wall, NJ
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Amazing place for the knee shots! I am petrified of needles and the doctor is so awesome and that I literally don’t even feel when the needle is going into my knee joint! The staff is super friendly and nice! So happy that the treatment seems to be working so far so good! SEGM
Techno Plays
Techno Plays
All the staff are "Awesome" so helpful and friendly. And Dr. Copeland is amazing, he explains the whole process and very concerned with your progress. This has been such a great experience. No downtime needed it wasNot painful. I recommend anyone with knee problems go there, you will be glad you did.
Viva Humphrey
Viva Humphrey
Excellent! Teamwork From front office to Doctors office. Very friendly staff, good doctors with experience. I enjoyed my visits even if injections were supposed to be painful. Dr Todd Dreitzler was very professional, performed service with minimum discomfort. Almost painless! I didn’t even feel when he started and when it ended.Dr McKenzie performed initial x ray analysis , very professional Group.
Ramesh Pradhan
Ramesh Pradhan
I am so pleased with my care I received from the Arthritis knee center. Everyone was so caring. The Dr's were so informative about my Injections and what to expect. My brace fitting was wonderful. Thank you . See you in 4 weeks.
Trish Young
Trish Young
Initially I was a bit skeptical about going. However, as my knee pain kept persisting I thought "what do I have to loose". From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted by the absolute nicest people. As I went through their process every I met with seemed knowable and caring. Each time I went back for a treatment I had the same pleasant experience! As or more important, I am receiving far less pain. All in all I am pleased that I went there.
mark Sims
mark Sims
Thank you so much to everyone that works at this location! They are amazing I'm so happy with the results. I' am now able to walk without constant pain. I couldn't be happier!
Beatriz Escobar
Beatriz Escobar
Very knowledgeable and friendly. They do their best to take care of you promptly and respectfully. Glad I found this place to help with my knee. The treatment has done wonders and eliminated nearly all of my knee pain
Ray G
Ray G
I was surprised that I felt some relief after my first visit/treatment. The injection was only a little uncomfortable for a very short minute. Really. In the blink of an eye it's over and you are on the way out the door.I've completed my 5th treatment and my knee is doing great with no pain. No I'm not as good as new, but I can enjoy life and resume regular activities. I can play golf and go to the gym,which helps as well. The other benefit is that I can sleep again. Before treatment I had difficulty sleeping. I could not get comfortable and the pain kept waking me up. Now I can sleep the whole night though.I'm very happy with the results. I know that I may still need a replacement some day,but maybe not.
The facility and staff are great.It's been a positive experience and the best part of all is that my knee is already feeling 100% better👍
An Sc
An Sc
Exceptional... The team they have and the cost are unbeatable ! My first visit went so easy and painless and now I'm looking forward to my second visit to get the gel injections for my knee and hopefully I will never have to have a full knee replacement.Very excited about each visit!The second visit was just as exceptional as the first. I had my third injection yesterday and I'm feeling better each day. I received my knee brace and I'm walking better.The doctor is so kind and the best part is the injections never hurt during or after the procedures. The entire staff is great, each visit is better than the last.You have an exceptional team at AKPC I would and have recommended my daughter and others to see if they qualify for this procedure so it can ease their knee pains! The cost with my insurance was very low and they use the top of the line gel injections. I was amazed at how low my out of pocket costs were going to be.
Lindy Hernandez
Lindy Hernandez
Super nice staff..very accomodating....and helpful....good experience so far! Avoiding surgery is the best...