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If you woke up without pain, what would you choose to do with your day?

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Beyond the Knee Gel Injection Reviews

Initially, you might have scheduled a consultation with Arthritis Knee Pain Centers as a last resort. You were putting off knee replacement surgery and trying to adjust to a life accepting the unwanted, painful limitations. Sometimes, it was all you could do to get through each day. As we got to know each other better, you became family. We found the best ways to help. When we saw progress, we celebrated alongside you. When your eyes lit up; ours did too.

Your life-changing stories continue to inspire us! We share your knee gel injection reviews in the hopes that it will show someone else that hope is not lost. They don’t need to look at life through the “last resort” lens. They, like you, can redefine what living should be.

Case Studies

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Lee Trevino
World Golf Hall of Fame Member

Back in the Game

“My knees were a mess. I got to the point where I couldn’t put my pants on. I was going to get a knee replacement. Then I discovered Arthritis Knee Pain Centers. I started getting the treatments and saw a difference right away. This has been a miracle. I would have never believed that it would work as well as it works. Arthritis Knee Pain Centers relieved my pain and changed my life! They got me back in the game again baby.”

Henry Thomas Jr.
Former NFL Defensive Tackle

Enjoying Every Step

“Fourteen years in the NFL really damaged my knees. I thought I might have to spend my retirement in pain. Arthritis Knee Pain Centers helped me get pain-free with no surgery. Now I’m enjoying every step I take.”

football player

Debbie Black

You Feel Great Right Away

On a scale of 1-10, my pain was probably a 9.5 or 10. . . Now, I’m not having any pain. My knee is not sticking. It’s just wonderful. . . It's just easier for me to move around, get in the car, do things around the house and outside. Now it’s all painless . . . Go to the AKPC. It’s easy. These folks - there’s no negativity about this place at all. It really works.”

Robert Shelton

I Can Do Anything I Want to Do

“I can walk without a limp. I can walk up steps safely. I can go to the gym and do the things I need to do. . . I don’t experience any pain when I work out. . . If you’re thinking about a knee replacement, go to AKPC first. It will make a difference. It’s definitely improved my life. I can do anything that I want to do. The only limitation I have is my age.”

Angela Wendler

Sleeping Through the Night Again

"The gel injections allow me to do what I want to do on my terms. It has been a life saver, especially for sleep. I would definitely come to AKPC, let them evaluate you, consider the gel injections . . . it will give you some freedom and mobility on a daily basis that you don’t have now . . . This is such a good option for you."

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